Uplogix Local Management Software v5.1 available, expands the scope and speed of out-of-band management

Fifth-generation Uplogix software most powerful yet for secure access and control of remote networking and communications device

AUSTIN, TEXAS (November 13, 2014) The newest release of the Uplogix Local Management Software (LMS) is now available with a number of new features and improvements that include expanding the number of devices that can be managed, a new cellular modem for faster out-of-band, stronger security features, expanded support for Cisco and more. 
The release supports the new Uplogix 16-port serial card, which expands the capacity of the Uplogix 5000 Local Manager (LM) to 38 serial connections for datacenter and other deployments with a large number of devices. The Uplogix 5000 is the flagship LM available in both AC and DC models with two configurable bays, and an option slot for out-of-band (OOB) connections (POTS, cellular, fiber). 
A new penta-band HSPA+ (4G) modem is now supported for both the Uplogix 5000 and Uplogix 500 LMs. The modem is capable of higher bandwidth, allowing users improved interaction with the LM over OOB.
The popular virtual ports feature has been expanded to support SSH sessions. Virtual ports allow users to manage a device with an Uplogix LM through an IP interface instead of a console connection. While dependent on a network connection, it is useful in cases where a device does not have an available console port (or one at all), situations where the device is physically too far away for a serial connection, and when the number of devices needing management exceeds the maximum number of hardware serial interfaces on an LM. Both the 5000 and 500 LMs support up to 16 virtual ports.
Uplogix is a member of the Cisco Developer Network and has strong support for management and automation of Cisco products. The v5.1 release expands on that functionality with several new features:
  • Standardized OS | In addition to automatically backing up configuration files for IOS/IOS-XE devices like routers and switches, an OS can be specified by Cisco make and model in the Uplogix Control Center. The OS can be verified on devices and automatically updated by a LM. In the event of a bare metal restore, a device plugged into the network can be identified and have the defined OS and configuration installed automatically.
  • Expanded support for NX-OS | LMS v5.1 now supports backing-up and restoring the OS on Nexus switches as well as the management of redundant NX-OS supervisors running in standby mode.
  • Backup and restore Cisco IOS VLAN database | The VLAN database for Cisco switches can be scheduled to automatically backup, making it available for restoring the database during a configuration recovery procedure such as replacing a switch.
LMS v5.1 is available now on all new Local Managers and the Uplogix Control Center. For the full release notes with information about all of the new features and improvements in the release, and customers wishing to upgrade, visit Uplogix Support at uplogix.com/support.  

About Uplogix

Uplogix provides the first fully integrated local management solution. Our co-located management appliances automate routine administration, maintenance and recovery tasks—securely and regardless of network availability. In comparison, traditional network and systems management depends on the network, uses multiple tools, and remains labor intensive. Uplogix puts the power of your most trusted IT administrator everywhere, all the time.Uplogix is privately held and headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit www.uplogix.com.

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