Uplogix Integrates Smart Power Management into Network Management Automation

Local Management goes beyond providing remote access to power distribution units (PDU) for intelligent device monitoring and control

AUSTIN, Texas (January 8, 2013) – Power management is a critical part of network IT, and Uplogix brings intelligence and automation to both managing and monitoring power throughout the infrastructure and the ability to control outlets and groups of outlets.

Using third-party switched power distribution units (PDUs), an Uplogix Local Manager (LM) can map individual outlets to specific ports. This allows power management to be part of Uplogix automation by provide data inputs and output actions from the rules engine. This goes beyond the traditional monitoring-only functionalities previously termed power management.

With the local perspective and continuous monitoring of Uplogix LMs, the addition of a managed power unit allows for power management to be part of automated fault recovery scenarios. It’s nothing new to have remote access through a console server to cycle power manually, but innovative to have that ability in an automated process.

One example of combining intelligent power control with the configuration management capabilities of the Local Management platform is a customer-designed application at a US military base. The challenge was that with numerous IT groups utilizing the same network infrastructure for testing, baseline configurations were difficult to manage and equipment sat idle in off-hours. The objective was to automatically power down and reset equipment to a baseline configuration on a nightly basis.

“At night, specific systems are shut down through the CLI and powered off by Uplogix. Then in the morning at a specified time, the systems are powered up and pushed a baseline configuration so they start up the same each morning regardless of changes tested the previous day,” said James Dollar, Uplogix CTO. “The customer set the process up using the rules engine in the Uplogix Control Center and utilizing direct connections to managed devices and a smart PDU. It automates what was previously a tedious set of manual tasks and source of frustration.”

Connecting to a smart power device through Uplogix also puts a potentially insecure device behind a secure gateway. It also allows only users with appropriate privileges to issue power commands by specific port or device. For example, with this granular authorization model a firewall manager might have access to cycle the power on a firewall device, but not routers and switches powered by the same PDU.

For more information about automated power management capabilities, read the Uplogix Power Management Solution Brief at uplogix.com/resources.

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