Uplogix Delivers Virtual Remote Management of Satcoms Systems at Sea

First deployment of Local Management in a software-only configuration

AUSTIN, Texas (December 9, 2014) -; Uplogix announced it has deployed its first virtual Local Management solution onboard maritime vessels with MTN Communications (MTN).  The Uplogix software, running on VMWare servers, provides out-of-band access and management for broadband communications solutions and provides local intelligence for communications systems onboard vessels.
Uplogix runs as a VM and utilizes USB-to-serial connectors for network-independent links to managed devices. Out-of-band connectivity through existing mobile satellite services ensures management access to network and satcom devices.
“Deploying Uplogix software supports one of many initiatives we have underway to transform at-sea communications for customers,” said Livio Arleo, Vice President of Product Development at MTN. 
Uplogix combines secure out-of-band access and local automation to improve management of networking and satcoms devices without using the network itself. Continuous monitoring and trend analysis is performed onsite, reducing management traffic on the network and triggering alerts or actions based on pre-set thresholds. Technicians can connect remotely to devices through Uplogix as if they were actually there, improving service quality while reducing support costs.
MTN integrates Uplogix into its solutions that deliver enhanced visibility and control of local and wide-area networks on vessels. 
“We are breaking new ground when it comes to options for Local Management,” said Lisa Frankovitch, Uplogix CEO. “Up until now, our installations in the maritime satellite world have been dependent on dedicated hardware. The option of deploying on a customer’s existing servers opens up new opportunities for networks at sea offering a user experience like that on land.”

About Uplogix

Uplogix provides the first fully integrated local management solution. Our co-located management appliances automate routine administration, maintenance and recovery tasks—securely and regardless of network availability. In comparison, traditional network and systems management depends on the network, uses multiple tools, and remains labor intensive. Uplogix puts the power of your most trusted IT administrator everywhere, all the time.Uplogix is privately held and headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit www.uplogix.com.

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