Uplogix Delivers Secure Remote Management Solutions for Sun Server Platforms

Uplogix’ secure remote management appliance now available as part of Sun infrastructure offering delivering consistency and reduced complexity for remote access and management across distributed Sun server environments

Austin, Texas (July 16, 2008) Uplogix, the leading provider of next-generation secure remote management (SRM) solutions, today announced it will offer its award-winning Uplogix SRM platform as a component of Sun’s server management offering. Sun customers are assured consistent visibility and control of all server management actions which increases accountability and reduces the costs and vulnerabilities inherent in supporting server infrastructure across a distributed enterprise.

Enterprise customers have come to expect the highest infrastructure availability and performance standards, but even the best server solutions can be challenging to manage in distributed environments. Uplogix ensures all Sun server management sessions are executed consistently and, according to best policy, sessions are secure and encrypted; users are properly authorized; and all activity between IT or third party personnel and servers is appropriately logged and unauthorized actions are prohibited. Furthermore, all management sessions can be performed without a network connection in place or an IT administrator on location.

“Providing our customers with increasingly intelligent and integrated options for management of our server platforms is a high priority for Sun,” said Juan Carlos Soto, VP of global market development and engineering, Sun Microsystems. “The combination of Solaris and Sun servers’ manageability capabilities like fault management, service processors, enhanced logs, and error messages with the Uplogix management appliance, helps our customers increase data center efficiencies while managing server support processes consistently and securely around the clock.”

Uplogix has pioneered the industry’s first SRM platform that integrates critical Access, Control and Enforcement (ACE) remote management functions to alleviate the risk, complexity and costs inherent in managing distributed IT infrastructures such as branch offices and other remote locations. The Uplogix SRM platform includes:

  • Uplogix Remote Management Operating System (RMOS) v3.5 – RMOS is Uplogix’ intelligent software platform that powers the automation capabilities of Uplogix SRM appliances, and is available in two versions – Standard and Advanced. The Advanced version features the same powerful remote management capabilities as the Standard version, but also includes advanced device and application management features, such as Service Level Verification (SLV) and server management capabilities including service processor automation using IPMI and KVM over service processor.
  • Uplogix 430 -; The Uplogix 430 is the newest addition to the Uplogix SRM platform family and comes in two versions – Standard and Advanced. The Advanced version comes with advanced RMOS and includes Service Level Verification (SLV) which monitors, measures and manages the performance of critical network services and applications from the end-user’s perspective including TCP/IP communications, web-based transactions and voice over IP telephony.
  • Uplogix 3200 -; Previously known as Envoy, the Uplogix 3200 is the company’s flagship SRM appliance, available in 4-, 8-, 16-, 24-, or 32-port models, delivers advanced remote management capabilities for data centers, branch offices and remote locations on a more robust and flexible platform. The Uplogix 3200 is a scalable, cost-effective remote management solution for enterprises requiring a more robust and expandable solution to locally manage an ever-growing infrastructure of distributed networking gear, servers and other IT devices located at distributed sites. Uplogix 3200 is also available in both Standard and Advanced versions.
  • Uplogix Control Center -; Previously known as the Envoy Management Station (EMS), Uplogix Control Center is the web-based, centralized point of control for all Uplogix SRM appliances and managed devices throughout the distributed IT environment. With its online graphical user interface (GUI), Control Center puts IT administrators in control of real-time data to easily manage, configure, and control all network devices and servers connected to Uplogix SRM appliances.

Uplogix is a Principal Partner in the Sun Partner Advantage Program (SPA). For more information please visit www.sun.com/partners/isv. For more information on the Uplogix partner program to go www.uplogix.com/partners.

About Uplogix

Uplogix provides the first fully integrated local management solution. Our co-located management appliances automate routine administration, maintenance and recovery tasks—securely and regardless of network availability. In comparison, traditional network and systems management depends on the network, uses multiple tools, and remains labor intensive. Uplogix puts the power of your most trusted IT administrator everywhere, all the time.Uplogix is privately held and headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit www.uplogix.com.

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