Uplogix and Parallel Announce Technology Partnership to Make Satellite Networks Stronger

Uplogix’ secure remote management and Parallel’s SatManage network operations center software bring new levels of visibility, control and automation to VSAT deployments for greater uptime and decreased costs

Austin, Texas (April 22, 2009) -; Uplogix, the leading provider of secure remote management (SRM) solutions, today announced the participation of Parallel in its Satellite Technology Partner Program.

The combination of SRM technology from Uplogix deployed at remote sites with SatManage in the network operations center (NOC), gives satellite operators unprecedented visibility into their remote networks. Uplogix appliances deploy remotely to monitor and automate routine administration of both satellite and IP network devices common in today’s hybrid networks. In the event of a network outage, Uplogix connects to the NOC over an out-of-band link, ensuring transfer of device information to SatManage and providing a channel for remote troubleshooting. The co-location of the Uplogix appliances makes it possible to gather richer information more frequently about the deployed devices without increasing the burden on network traffic or the devices themselves.

“Access to the most comprehensive data makes it possible to make earlier predictions, better decisions, and more effective automation,” said James Dell, CEO/Managing Director of Parallel. “Pairing SatManage in the NOC with Uplogix at the network’s edge increases uptime, improves SLAs, and reduces support costs to hybrid networks.”

SatManage integrates with several vendor technologies, and where networks have Uplogix SRM solutions, SatManage takes Uplogix data feeds and uses visual correlation to keep ahead of network problems—highlighting events on the network and allowing at-a-glance analysis of network performance. This can show problems developing over time and even highlight wasted bandwidth and resources. Problems can be spotted in advance, allowing pre-emptive action to be taken onsite by Uplogix to eliminate negative impact on the business.

“The combination of Uplogix secure remote management with SatManage brings additional value to satellite customers, who are often in the most extreme locations with the most challenging architectures,” said Tom Goldman, Uplogix CEO.

About Parallel
Parallel is a network management specialist that provides network management and network operations to some of the largest organizations in the world. Parallel’s award-winning network management suite, SatManage, provides comprehensive management for satellite and hybrid networks. SatManage is a fully automated and integrated Network Operations Centre suite enabling instant reporting, instant network problem diagnoses, fault correlation and VSAT aware root-cause analysis. The vendor independent software manages all the factors that determine network performance and includes groundbreaking visual event correlation. Other components manage signal quality, traffic levels, latency, and even sun outages through enhanced levels of integration and automation of existing NOC tools and enables predictive management in the truest sense. Founded in 1998, Parallel is headquartered in the United Kingdom with representation and customers worldwide. Clients include Schlumberger DMS, Stratos Global, Ship Equip AS, MTN Inc., SES Americom, Alcatel Telecom, BT and Hughes Network Systems Europe. For more information see www.satmanage.com.

About Uplogix

Uplogix provides the first fully integrated local management solution. Our co-located management appliances automate routine administration, maintenance and recovery tasks—securely and regardless of network availability. In comparison, traditional network and systems management depends on the network, uses multiple tools, and remains labor intensive. Uplogix puts the power of your most trusted IT administrator everywhere, all the time.Uplogix is privately held and headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit www.uplogix.com.

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