Uplogix and Aberdeen Announce New Report: The Roadmap to the Next Generation Branch Office Network

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Austin, Texas – March 5, 2008 | "The Roadmap to the Next Generation Branch Office Networks," a new benchmark report by Aberdeen Group, found that, as compared to industry laggards, best-in-class organizations are eight times more likely to improve their ability to resolve issues with network performance before end-users are impacted. Aberdeen’s research also reveals that organizations are on average spending $2.4 million annually on enterprise applications and are allocating 10.4% of their total IT budgets to improving performance of their branch office networks.

"Organizations should follow the roadmap created by best-in-class organizations, which includes developing robust capabilities for visibility into network and application performance, coupled with solutions for optimizing and accelerating network traffic and remote management of branch office networks. However, the roadmap does not start or end with developing these capabilities or deploying technology tools. It is important for organizations to continuously educate themselves about the benefits associated with these capabilities as well as the advantages of implementing them as a part of an enterprise-wide initiative. This ensures that projects for branch office network optimization will receive the attention they deserve on corporate agendas," said Bojan Simic, Research Analyst at Aberdeen.

Seventy-nine percent of best-in-class organizations reported that performance of business critical applications at the branch is on the same level or better as compared to central network locations. Aberdeen’s research also found that best-in-class organizations are twice as likely to experience cost savings from reduced enterprise infrastructure as compared to laggards.

The report shows that that the top challenges of branch office networking for industry average and laggard organizations can be summarized as: lack of appropriate technology tools, lack of education, and the lack of executive awareness about the significance of optimizing branch office networks. The report provides insights into best-in-class strategies and capabilities and recommends nine steps that end-user organizations should take to achieve best-in-class performance.

This report examines how organizations are deploying technology solutions for network visibility, WAN optimization, application acceleration and remote management of branch office networks to improve employee productivity, optimize networking costs, insure business continuity, and protect corporate data.

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