New release of Uplogix platform strengthens VSAT networks with local automation and control

Advanced automation for both iDirect satellite routers and Sea Tel antennas enable service providers to deploy VSAT systems with greater uptime and lower support costs.

Austin, Texas (March 16, 2009) -; Uplogix, the leading provider of automated remote network management technology, today announced the availability of its Uplogix Remote Management Operating System (RMOS) v4.2 software platform, which has been adopted by leading companies in Energy, Financial Services, Government and Communications verticals around the world.

The remote nature of maritime networks makes the automation and recovery capabilities of Uplogix a critical component of the satellite-connected vessel. RMOS v4.2 delivers advanced automation for the iDirect satellite routers and Sea Tel antennas. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology, providing a platform used by eight of the top 10 maritime service providers. These advances for managing iDirect routers include support for the Evolution series products and full configuration management. The advanced support for Sea Tel includes the ability to upgrade the antenna control unit (ACU) plus the pedestal control unit (PCU) software. Sea Tel is the world’s top provider of stabilized Ku-band and C-band marine antenna systems. By managing these devices along with Uplogix’ long-standing expertise with enterprise network routers and switches from Cisco Systems and others, service providers and customers are able to enjoy the same kinds of availability in VSAT systems that they have with shore-based networks.

“Uplogix continues to do what NOC-based software alone plus people can’t—work 24×7 by ‘living in the rack’ to keep systems up and running, even when the network that software tools rely on has failed,” said Mark Piening, Uplogix vice president for product management and marketing. “With RMOS v4.2, VSAT customers will enjoy more uptime even when they can’t have people there to manage the network all the time.”

RMOS powers Uplogix appliances to automate the management and recovery of network and communications devices, reducing the cost and risk of remote network infrastructure. The new version features expanded support for devices in VSAT networks that will allow satellite service providers to increase network uptime while reducing support costs. In addition to the new VSAT features, the release delivers a variety of other features including usability improvements and updates for deployments in enterprise networks.

The release also contains new features for the Uplogix Control Center, the NOC-based element manager for deployed appliances. In v4.2, users can set up a custom dashboard showing specific Uplogix appliances and related data, providing a quick reference for alarms and events for selected appliances. The dashboard capability is especially useful as the number of Uplogix-managed sites continues to grow. The v4.2 release doubles the capacity of the Control Center to 500 appliances in the field and thousands of managed devices.

Other RMOS updates requested by customers include the following:

  • A secondary Ethernet connection is now available to be used as an out-of-band option. Using the auxiliary Ethernet port on an Uplogix 3200, the appliance can utilize an alternate network to connect to the NOC at times when the primary network is unavailable. This is useful for deployments where the traditional out-of-band options (v.92 modem, cellular or LEO satellite) are unnecessary because there is a separate back-up or management network already in place. 
  • The ability to custom name files on the appliance. The onboard hard drive enables files to be staged on the Appliance for local upgrades or backups. 
  • A new PPP cycle feature allows users to set up a scheduled job that will automate testing of out-of-band settings. In addition, the appliance can be configured to heartbeat while the PPP session is active.
  • Advanced driver support is available in RMOS v4.2 for Brocade (Foundry) switches and the Comtech 625 satellite modem.

Uplogix will be demonstrating the new features in RMOS v4.2 at the Satellite 2010 Exhibition at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, MD, Booth #2021 from March 16-18, 2010.

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