Uplogix is your Network First Responder

Using out-of-band to increase cyber resiliency for network infrastructure

When your network infrastructure is hacked, you need immediate response that is local, automated and able to take action independently of the network itself. Uplogix’ combination of network independence, direct connections to infrastructure and rapid automated responses makes it a lifesaving tool for responding to and bouncing back from cyber attacks.

Help when you need it most

A first responder goes immediately to the scene of an accident or emergency to provide assistance. In an emergency, you call first responders because they have rapid response and the tools needed for the situation.

Uplogix takes it a step further by deploying in the rack with your network infrastructure and utilizing advanced out-of-band capabilities and automation to be your network’s first responder.

Onboard continuous monitoring by the Uplogix platform provides incident data to factor into triaging the situation during the initial hectic moments of a hack.

Finally, Uplogix can take action, either automatically or at the direction of network admins. In the event of a compromised network, Uplogix can put the network into a “safe mode” by pushing pre-set configurations (stored locally and encrypted) to limit or lock off network services in moments. As the situation resolves and admins isolate the attack, they can bring the network back up in a controlled and automated effort, whether the network is just in the building, or spread out around the world at hundreds of locations.


The methods and processes of protecting electronic data.

Cyber Resiliency
The bigger topic of how your business will survive a cyber attack.


Uplogix: Network First Responder

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