[Webinar Duration: 30 min]



Wednesday, January 22nd, 11:30am – Noon CST


In 2014, Sony Pictures was the victim of a massive hack that stole data (and released it publicly), erased hard drives and took down their network. The movie studio was forced to respond with phone trees to share important information, manually printing checks and rebuilding their network and services over nearly two months at the cost of over $35 million.   

Attendees will learn how advanced out-of-band management can increase the cyber resiliency of your network infrastructure by: 

  1. Taking actions immediately and locally to threats using a combination of network independence, direct connections to infrastructure and automated responses.   
  2. Acting both as a “panic button” to initiate a lock-down as well as the tools needed for a quick and deliberate recovery.  
  3. Ensuring secure access to network infrastructure whether the network is up or down. 


James Dollar, VP, Product Strategy, Founder

Mr. Dollar is a respected technology innovator with 20 years experience designing and managing network communication infrastructures. Before founding Uplogix he was a key network architect at several application service providers, responsible for 99.999% application and network availability. Mr. Dollar has spent over a decade with world-class organizations such as The Coca-Cola Company and Reliant Energy, driving key aspects of technology and network architecture strategies. Mr. Dollar received his BBA from Stephen F. Austin State University.