Qualifying Opportunities for Uplogix

Uplogix solutions have broad impact across enterprise networks. Knowing the right questions to ask up front will help you spot an opportunity and speed the deal registration process.

Out-of-band Needs

Do you have an out-of-band requirement?
Uplogix provides both out-of-band access to remote network and communications gear, as well as out-of-band monitoring and management. This means that unlike standard network management tools that poll devices over the network, Uplogix manages network devices independently of the network.This different makes Uplogix much more resilient, enables confidence in management automation, and ensures remote access.

What does your network landscape look like?
What runs at the core, what is distributed at the edge of the network? This is a gauge of how important their network is to operations. If they are centralized, network uptime is more critical, and the value proposition for Uplogix is even higher.

Is there a current initiative for out-of-band or remote device management?
Often this is the doorway for an Uplogix deal. Uplogix delivers all of the functionality and security of a top-of-the-line console server, and then adds on high-resolution local monitoring and the on-board intelligence necessary to take that information and act on it, saving expensive human effort and potential downtime.

Network Size & Description

How many remote sites are under management?
One key area of savings with Uplogix is in truck rolls for service calls. Enterprises with many sites spend considerable time and effort troubleshooting problems. Uplogix can automate this troubleshooting and actually recover from the most common issues which make up the bulk of network problems.

How many devices per site?
The more devices, the more potential problems. Uplogix can perform basic device management for any device with a console port, and more complicated recovery procedures for the most common device makers.

How many data centers?
It’s not just about remote sites. Uplogix automation and security capabilities are used widely in data centers.

Pain Points & Hot Buttons

What network management problems are you trying to solve?
Uplogix is solution with a broad reach. Typical customers are looking to lower network support costs, meet or improve SLAs, securely access remote locations, ensure security policies are met and reported…


Is there a budged allocated for this project?
Well-qualified opportunities for Uplogix have little problem providing high ROI in the short term. The breadth of capabilities Uplogix delivers often means it is a solution that spans multiple initiatives in the enterprise, providing more stakeholders, but also more funding sources.