Objection Handling

Understanding potential customer objections and responding to them is just part of any sales cycle. The key is listening to what they are really asking and responding to that question. That said, here are some canned responses to get you started. Feel free to contact us  for more detailed responses.

“I have people on site that deal with those issues. ” | Two stats for you: Nemertes Research says that IT staff at large enterprises spend 30%-50% of time troubleshooting and fixing problems at remote offices. Uplogix SRM appliances can automate over 70% of routine, remote IT support functions and autonomously address a majority of the issues that cause network-related outages including configuration errors, wedged or hung devices, and telecom faults. Wouldn’t you rather your highly trained and paid employees were working on higher value projects, rather than just keeping the lights on?

“We don’t change code or configs on devices much. ” | Fair enough, but have you ever pushed a change that brought down your remote site? What did that cost you when you add up a truck roll plus downtime for that site? Most people find that the cost of lost productivity makes the expense of our products well worth it – even before you add in all of the features outside of change management. Uplogix configuration recovery and remote power management ensures you can recover managed devices.

“We tend not to upgrade the IOS unless we have to. ” | When you do, are you confident that everything is going to come back up when you hit the button? Uplogix stores up to 20 of each type of config file and the last three OS files locally. With Uplogix, you can schedule a mass OS push, or stage them over time, and have the confidence of knowing that if the OS change results in an error, the last known good OS will be restored, leaving the device functioning.

“I worry Uplogix has weak reporting. (SOX?, PCI?, HIPAA reports?) ” | Uplogix Local Managers utilize a highly granular authorization model to ensure IT security policies are enforced. Additionally, every interaction that occurs on the Uplogix Local Manager or on devices managed through the console port is logged and archived. Security policies as well as audit trails are always maintained – even in the event of a network outage. Appliances allow for flexibility with customizable rules, policies, and reporting engines to meet business- or industry-specific compliance requirements. Uplogix also exports to industry-leading reporting products ensuring your audit trails are captured.

“Would not use Uplogix on high end equipment, need manual work. ” | Uplogix customers around the world are using Local Management for high-end equipment in critical situations from data centers in financial services to satellite networks in multi-million dollar remote energy production facilities. Keep this in mind, according to the EMA analyst firm, 60% of network downtime is cause by human error in device configuration. Are you sure you want manual work on your high end equipment? Plus, the granular authorization available with Uplogix ensures that only the right people have the right access to your critical infrastructure.

“We don’t automate. ” | Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. According to the Yankee Group, over 75% of IT resources are spent maintaining the status quo. Uplogix customers are discovering that secure remote management has the features that let them automate remote network management with confidence. With time savers like mass configuration/password/OS change capabilities and avoiding the troubles of human error in config changes, Uplogix frees up time for their IT staff to focus on what’s next in networking, instead of just keeping the lights on. Still, Uplogix has strong value without automation including secure access, local storage of config, OS and other device files.

“Uplogix is not a full ‘solution to business needs.’ ” | Network management is a pendulum swinging back and forth between single solutions that do everything and point solutions that do specific tasks well. Uplogix is unique because they make both sides of that moving target work better. Intelligent, locally-installed appliances create a remote management plane to ensure that your investments in network management and remote infrastructure meet your key business need – keeping your remote networks up and running.

“I have redundant links, so OOB is not needed. ” | Redundancy is expensive. Why pay for alternate bandwidth, equipment and licenses when you can deploy Uplogix to keep your remote sites functioning? You can implement Uplogix Local Management with the confidence of a local connection to managed devices, out-of-band access, a robust rules engine for automated corrective actions and secure enforcement of IT policies at all times. Even with redundancy, network quality can be an issue. Uplogix’ SLV capabilities can help isolate problems and improve both your network links.

“OOB dial up is not quick enough. I need ADSL. ” | Uplogix Local Managers combine robust monitoring, local storage of config and OS files, and an embedded rules engine for automated, local control of managed devices. This helps limit the amount of data required in OOB connections. Many of Uplogix customers find V92 modems with a POTS line to be sufficient. But if it’s not, they support a variety of OOB options including cellular modems and low Earth orbit satellite modems.

“Uplogix doesn’t provide enhanced support for the equipment I have. (Foundry, Riverbed etc.) ” | The Uplogix Local Management platform provides two approaches for managing devices—native and advanced. Devices can be managed natively by using the device CLI if the device has a physical console port. Native support provides numerous features including secure access, power control and survivable connectivity. Advanced support includes additional features for pulling and pushing configs and OS files, monitoring, scheduling and rules management.

“No Budget right now. ” | We’ve found that the integrated features of Uplogix products make it appealing to both IT Operations and Security Compliance groups, answering different needs (and often separate budgets) with a single product.

“We could not afford widespread deployment. ” | We’d suggest you deploy Uplogix Local Managers to your most problematic remote sites first so you can start reaping the benefits of Local Management. Many Uplogix customers have started with an initial installation before ramping up more sites. Features like mass configuration, password and OS changes are even more valuable when enabled on larger deployments, automating tasks that consume large amounts of staff time.

“I have no engineering time or budget to pay for an eval. ” | Uplogix has a “sandbox” and POC plan that has been created with existing customers to test the features most relevant to your company. This way you can prove the functionality and purchase with confidence.

“Uplogix is too expensive.” | Uplogix solutions deliver a rapid ROI via an average 25-50% reduction in remote IT support costs. Payback for an Uplogix deployment based on a reduction in hard and soft costs can usually be realized in about six months. Look at what Uplogix can help you avoid – downtime due to device errors, expensive labor time spent on routine maintenance that can be automated, and even network performance monitoring to ensure your getting peak performance out your current network investments.

“The business would not sign the budget approval. ” | We’ve found that the integrated features of Uplogix products make it appealing to both IT Operations and Security Compliance groups, answering different needs (and often separate budgets) with a single product.

“I have never heard of Uplogix. They must be small. ” | Uplogix is small, but proven. Their experienced staff has worked in the network management trenches; they understood the problems with remote management and designed a new product that solved the issues. One of their early customers was Citibank. They liked the product so much they became an investor.

“Not sure who would buy this product in our company” | We’ve found that the integrated features of Uplogix products make it appealing to both IT Operations and Security Compliance groups, maybe we could set up a meeting with representatives from both? Operations draw value from the automation and recovery features, while Security & Compliance like the fact that all actions are logged and Uplogix provides granular authorization plus integration with TACACS and Radius servers.

“I don’t lose my remote sites enough to worry about it. ” | You’re very lucky. When you do lose sites, what would you guess it costs you once you add up the price of a truck roll and the lost productivity for that site while they are down? Are you able to monitor performance at your remote sites from the perspective of a user? The SLV capabilities of Uplogix allow you to truly evaluate your network from the outside in.

“Our remote sites are not important enough to justify the investment. ” | Nemertes Research says that IT staff at large enterprises spend 30%-50% of time troubleshooting and fixing problems at remote offices. Are you sure your remote sites aren’t costing you significant amounts of money in lost productivity both onsite and by your IT staff?

“It’s not the most important issue for us at the moment. ” | It’s understandable. Several of the high value scenarios for Uplogix involve fault management – problems that aren’t a priority until they happen. But Uplogix Local Managers aren’t just about insurance – they can also act proactively, reducing the time and effort your staff spends on remote network support, and letting them focus on what is a priority for you right now. Security and compliance are also key considerations for many businesses these days. The secure, restricted user access and logging features have helped some Uplogix customers meet reporting requirements that are becoming ever-more critical these days. So what is a priority for you right now?