Manage Enterprise Networks from Home

Uplogix has the tools and automation to securely access and administer enterprise networks from home, or anywhere. See how out-of-band management lets you run networks as if you were there.

Questions on Remote Out-of-band Management?

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How We're Working From Home

Easy alerts based on automated service level testing for better management of gear from home.

NEXT UP: See how to securely access and remotely troubleshoot a network problem from home using out-of-band management.

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What is Beyond Out-of-Band?

Uplogix goes beyond traditional console servers with a proactive, intelligent appliance that delivers:

  • Automated remediation | Detect, analyze and take initial runbook actions
  • High security | Uplogix is a closed appliance, meaning the underlying OS is locked down. We work with your TACACS/Radius and have lots of options for secure connections. Oh yeah, we’re also FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified.
  • More connectivity options | Our modular design lets you use the link that makes the most sense at your site: cellular, POTS lines, fiber, a secondary Ethernet link, even a LEO satellite that offers connectivity anywhere on the planet.

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