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AAA Settings

For a discussion of the config system authentication command, see Managing Authentication Settings

Keypad Lockout

Inventory > Local Manager Summary > System > LCD

After completing basic configuration, you may choose to disable the front panel keypad using the config system keypad command. This prevents configuration changes from the keypad. The restart, shutdown, and factory reset functions remain available from the keypad at all times.

[admin@UplogixLM]# config system keypad disable
Keypad Configuration: disabled

[admin@UplogixLM]# config system keypad enable 
Keypad Configuration: enabled

LCD Information

Inventory > Local Manager Summary > System > LCD

By default, the Local Manager displays status information on the front LCD panel. You can disable this display with the config system lcd command.

[admin@UplogixLM]# config system lcd disable
Display system information on the LCD: disabled

The LCD will still display menu options when buttons are pressed, but will be blank otherwise.

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