Updated February 28, 2022. Written for LMS Version 6.2.

Assimilate modifies the network device to work efficiently with the Uplogix Local Manager. Changes vary by device, but can include console speed, logging, and authentication.

Command availability

CLI resource: port

Device makes: 3Com, Alcatel, Cisco, Comtech EF Data, Foundry, GE, Garmin, HP, iDirect, Juniper, ND Satcom, Netscreen, Nortel, Sea Tel, Spacetrack, Sun, Tasman, TippingPoint, server

Uplogix Local Managers: All

LMS offerings: All




assimilate will make changes based on settings configured for this type of device. This command is automatically called during config init to optimize the Local Manager's interaction.

[admin@UplogixLM (port1/1)]# assimilate
Setting buffered logging.
Setting configured speed to 19200.
Setting logging synchronous.



Related commands

  • rollback assimilate
  • config init

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