Expansion Cards

Updated January 3, 2022. Written for LMS Version 6.3.


Expansion cards (also known as option cards) add serial and Ethernet ports to the Local Manager. The Uplogix LM83X supports three expansion cards for a maximum serial port density of 56.

Uplogix 5000 Expansion cards are not compatible with the LM83X.

LCD Display and Keypad Card

The LCD screen and menu buttons have been moved to a modular card that can be installed in any expansion slot.

8 Port Serial Card

LM83X 8 Port Serial Card

The 8 Port Serial Card adds 8 serial ports to the LM83X.

16 Port Serial Card

The 16 Port Serial Card is used with 8 Port fan-out cables that have a v.68M connector for attaching to the card and 8 RJ-45 connectors pinned as DCE. Two of these cables can be used to connect the card to up to 16 devices.

8-Port Fan-out Cable

The fan-out cables come with a set of stickers for labeling. Wrap the stickers on the ferrite bead near the RJ45 connectors as shown above. The stickers allow you to label the cables with both slot and port numbers for easier identification.

IMPORTANT: The numbering of the fan-out cables may not be in order from left to right. ONLY rely on the numbers on the labels at the end of the cables.

8 Port Dedicated Ethernet Card

Dedicated Ethernet Cards are used to make a direct Ethernet connection between the Local Manager and managed devices. Dedicated Ethernet ports are always paired with serial ports in the system. The placement of an Ethernet expansion card in the system will determine which serial ports map to its Ethernet ports.

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