Forcing a Configuration Recovery

Updated March 9, 2021. Written for LMS Version 6.2.

The Local Manager can restore the configuration of a Cisco router or switch that it cannot access because of an authentication or an improperly pushed configuration file. Configuration recovery can recover a password by restoring a previously stored password, along with that configuration.

This feature is available for Cisco routers running IOS and Cisco switches running CatOS.

The following conditions must be met before the Local Manager can force the configuration recovery:

  • A valid device startup configuration must be stored on the Local Manager. One can be manually obtained using the pull config startup command.
  • The device must be plugged into a power controller that is managed by and appropriately configured on the Local Manager.

The configuration recovery consists of replacing the startup-config on the device with a startup-config stored on the Local Manager.

[admin@UplogixLM (port1/4)]# recover configuration
This process can take about 5 minutes.
Attempting to revert startup configuration to current from 10 Jun 21:57
Powering off outlet(s) [1, 2]
DSR was active.
CTS was active.
CTS is still active.
Powering on outlet(s) [1, 2]
Serial link is active.
Attempting to break into ROMmon mode.
Break into ROMmon successful.
Reading post
Image decompressing
Image decompressed
Post complete.
recoverPassword on port1/4 succeeded

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