Uplogix Safety Summary

Updated March 9, 2021. Written for LMS Version 6.3.

Following all cautions and warnings will ensure your own safety and protect the Uplogix Local Manager from potential damage or loss of data.

Read the installation instructions before connecting the Uplogix Local Manager to a power source.

Read and understand the following instructions before using the Uplogix Local Manager:

  • Always disconnect the Uplogix Local Manager from power before cleaning and servicing.
  • Do not spray liquids directly onto the Uplogix Local Manager when cleaning. Always apply the liquid first to a static free cloth.
  • Do not immerse the Uplogix Local Manager in any liquid or place any liquids on it.
  • Do not disassemble the Uplogix Local Manager. There are no user serviceable parts inside the chassis, return to Uplogix for repair.

AC Models

  • Use three wire electrical extension cords with a current rating equal to or greater than your Uplogix Local Manager's current rating.
  • Only connect the Uplogix Local Manager to surge-protected power outlets.

DC Models

  • Use the supplied power cable (UP610052) with Molex connector and three-wire split out to connect the DC Local Manager to power.
  • Ensure proper connections are made to earth ground, positive voltage and power return by a qualified electrician. See Making the connections required for initial configuration for more information.

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