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Uplogix attacks the challenges of network management from a different angle. Take a few minutes to browse through these resources to see for yourself. And when you are ready, we’re happy to talk with you about how Uplogix could improve management of your network.

Product Data Sheets

uplogix_LM83X_datasheetUplogix LM83X Data Sheet

Configurable to manage 8-56 devices; option slot for OOB card; dual power supplies

Uplogix LM80 Data SheetUplogix LM80 Data Sheet

A compact Local Manager designed to remotely monitor, manage and control up to eight devices

uplogix_5000_datasheetUplogix 5000 Data Sheet

Configurable to manage 6-38 devices including a managed power supply; option slot for OOB card; LCD screen; dual power supplies; available in AC and DC models

Uplogix 500 Data Sheet

A compact Local Manager designed to remotely monitor, manage and control six or fewer devices including a managed power supply


Uplogix Control Center Data Sheet

Delivers real-time monitoring and management capabilities providing a unified view of what’s occurring in your distributed infrastructure

technical-fact-sheet-thumbnailUplogix Technical Fact Sheet

A list of functions and capabilities of the Uplogix platform


Customer Case Studies



Solution Briefs

Satellite Links for Out-of-Band

Internet of Things

M2M / Energy

Network Function Virtualization

Out-of-Band Modem Options

White Papers


Best Practices in Local Management

This white paper describes the key features and benefits of deploying the Uplogix platform

Uplogix Deep Dive

Take a technical look at the Uplogix platform

Taking Management Local for REAL Automation

Learn why no one will ever totally trust centralized tools. The answer is to stop using the network to manage the network.

Local Management for Cloud and Virtual

The promise of the cloud rests on the strength of the network. See how Local Management is a critical component of your cloud plan

Local Management for VSAT

See how Uplogix can be at its most valuable in the extremely remote sites served by satellite communications.

Federal Whitepaper: Uplogix for the DISA Network Infrastructure STIG

Learn how to solve STIG requirements in your federal network

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