HTTPS Certificates

This article describes the installation of an HTTPS certificate for deployments that require it. Although the process is simple, sometimes CSRs and Certs can be tricky, so be sure to contact Uplogix Support if you have any questions or encounter any issues.

Step 1

Log into your Control Center, become root, and shut down the tomcat and migration services.

djones@central:~$ ssh emsadmin@
emsadmin@'s password: 
[emsadmin@ems18 ~]$ sudo su - 
[root@ems18 ~]# service tomcat stop
[root@ems18 ~]# service migration stop

Step 2

Run /uplogix/embassy/scripts/ and fill in the prompts. Use the IP address or Hostname of the Control Center as the Common Name.

Step 3

Give the output of the script to your certificate authority for signing.

Step 4

Paste the signed certificate into a file on the Control Center. In this example, we'll call it www.pem.

[root@ems18 ~] vi www.pem

Step 5

Run: /uplogix/embassy/scripts/ www www.pem

Substitute your filename for www.pem. The script will place the final files in the right locations.

Step 6

Restart the tomcat and migration services with the *service command.

[root@ems18 ~]# service tomcat start
[root@ems18 ~]# service migration start


Log into the Control Center and verify the certificate has been installed correctly.