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Navigating the Web Interface

The Uplogix web interface is comprised of four areas:

  • The information bar shown at the top of the screen
  • The navigation bar which displays the six main tabs
  • The contextual left navigation which displays additional menu items
  • The work area showing information or fields for input entry.

Information bar

Uplogix Control Center Information Bar

The information bar shown at the top of the screen displays the time and date as well as links to help, editing your user profile, and logging out of the Control Center.

Navigation bar

Uplogix Control Center Navigation Bar

The navigation bar displays six tabs providing access to a set of related tasks and information. The active area is indicated by the highlighted tab.

  • Dashboard—Displays brief summary information, alarms, and events for user selected Local Managers.
  • Inventory—Displays the organization of your Uplogix deployment, including inventory groups and individual Local Managers.
  • Alarms—Displays a summary of active alarms.
  • Schedule—Use to define actions not triggered by rules.
  • Reports—Provides access to create report assignments, view report files, and sort reports by label.
  • Administration—Provides access to auditing, user administration, and configuration functions.

Contextual left navigation

Uplogix Control Center Contextual Left Navigation

The contextual left navigation displays additional menu items specific to the section of the user interface.

The controls available to you are based on the privileges assigned to your account. Unavailable items appear in gray. Mouse over a gray item to show a tooltip of the missing privilege.

Breadcrumb navigation

Uplogix Control Center Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is provided at the top of the work area throughout the Control Center. For example, when viewing the Summary page for a Local Manager, the following navigation displays:

Inventory > Your Company > UplogixLM > Summary

Each element is a link to another page, allowing you to move quickly between pages.

Some parts of the user interface are displayed in different ways depending on the browser you use.

Work area

Uplogix Control Center Work Area

The work area displays information and provides input fields to update or reconfigure the Control Center or Local Manager.