Upgrading a Control Center

All Uplogix Control Center (UCC) upgrades must be performed by a support representative. If you are interested in upgrading your deployment, here is a quick checklist of things to do.

Schedule an upgrade time with Uplogix Support

Uplogix Support is available 24/7 via email or phone.

  • 888-663-6869
  • 512-857-7070
  • support@uplogix.com

We typically perform only one upgrade a day as some upgrades may require more time than others depending on the features added to the software. Keeping upgrades to one a day allows us as much time as needed to complete the UCC upgrade and to begin upgrading the deployed Local Managers.

If you require more information on the new features included in a patch or a more detailed estimate of how long a specific upgrade will take, include these in your message to Uplogix Support.

Prior to the scheduled upgrade time, we will send a link to a Webex meeting. This will allow us to see and control your computer so we can perform the upgrade remotely on your local network.

Your security policy may prohibit us from controlling or even seeing your desktop. In those cases, we will make our best effort to find a solution that satisfies your security policy.

Ensure Control Center availability

Please ensure the UCC has IP connectivity and is reachable from your workstation. It is likely we will need to reboot the sever during the install process, so please plan the downtime accordingly.

Average downtime of the UCC during a 5.5.4 upgrade is 30-60 minutes.

Verify emsadmin access

As part of the upgrade process, we will log into the UCC's Linux layer as emsadmin. The default password for this account is password, but it may have been changed since installation.

Uplogix Support does not store customer password information. If you have lost emsadmin's password, there is a way to recover access, but it will require physical access to the UCC.

Prepare the Control Center for file transfers

Once we are able to access the emsadmin account, we will need to ensure that we area able to transfer files to the UCC. Typically we will download the required version from our Support Site to your computer, and then transfer it (via FTP or SCP) to the UCC. If you are running a Windows computer, we may need some additional tools to do an FTP or SCP transfer, such as pscp, WinSCP or Cyberduck FTP Server.

If your UCC has access to the internet, we may be able to directly download the files from the Uplogix servers using wget or SCP.

Our software downloads are located here: uplogix.com/support/account

The upgrade files are located in the folder of the latest LMS version (currently 5.5.4).

For the UCC upgrade, we will need the embassy.tar.gz and the osUpdates6-5.5-uplogix.50.0.cc34881.el5.i386.rpm files. The UplogixOS- file (or the 'g' version for FIPS customers) will be needed for the Local Manager upgrades.

Important: The latest version of software (v5.5.4) will not run on EOL Local Managers, including the Uplogix 400, 430, and 3200.

Customers on older versions of the UCC (v5.3 or older) will need to have the UCC upgraded in steps to get to v5.5.4, and will require additional upgrade files. Please contact Uplogix Support for information on what files are needed prior to the upgrade.

If you have questions regarding our upgrade process, please feel free to contact us.