Uplogix Solutions for Cloud-Ready Network Infrastructure

Cloud computing will put new importance on the network as everything becomes more distributed

Meeting the network requirements for cloud

The rapid adoption of cloud computing and the various ways that enterprises will change to fully exploit it will have a profound effect on the network and on IT network operations groups.

Customer expectations are changing. When everything is in the cloud, if workers can’t get to the cloud, they can’t work. New requirements are emerging, service levels are becoming more stringent and some time tested strategies for managing costs and ensuring adequate service levels are being invalidated.  Trying to use the same old network and network management strategies and tools will adversely impact cloud initiatives.

The Uplogix out-of-band platform is part of the solution to meet the cloud requirements on the network by reducing the likelihood of downtime and achieving big decreases in Mean-Time-To-Recovery (MTTR) when issues do occur.

These days, you’ve got to have your head in the Cloud. Let Uplogix be your boots on the ground.

Be ready to support Cloud implementations

Meeting the higher network service levels required by cloud computing takes a solution like Uplogix to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring and to achieve big decreases in Mean-Time-To-Recovery (MTTR) when issues do occur.

Key Uplogix features for Cloud-ready networks include the following:

  • An Uplogix Local Managers co-locate with and connect directly to the network gear to be managed (not using the network).
  • Uplogix takes advantage of direct connectivity to more rapidly identify failures and issues (typically the console port can support 30 second intervals vs. 5-15 minutes with centralized network dependent monitoring systems using SNMP).
  • Point-to-point network monitoring between Local Managers installed in proximity to both users and application service points of origination that can measure the performance of specific network segments.  This makes it possible to accurately assess performance as experienced by users of centralized applications.
  • Automation capable of performing a sequence of intelligent recovery actions (your run book) in response to problems comparable to what would be done by an on-site technician
  • Configuration management that automates complex configuration tasks to improve efficiency, reduce errors and allow for configuration changes to be included in automated problem resolution routines
  • Locally enforced role-based administrative access and detailed logging to prevent malicious outages or outages that result from non-compliance with standard administrative procedures and to protect against unauthorized data access
  • The ability to establish an out-of-band connection for when human intervention is required and to flow information to centralized network management tools when the network is down. WAN Traffic Failover (WTF) over the LM’s out-of-band modem can keep traffic moving, ensuring users stay connected to their information and applications in the Cloud.
  • A flexible rules engine to allow for a wide range of additional automated actions as required by your unique goals and environment

Faster resolution for remote site network issues

Uplogix monitors with higher frequency and more reliably than centralized network management tools. See how that impacts the timeline from when a device has an error through identification, isolation and resolution.



Best practices in local management for cloud

The promise of the cloud rests on the strength of the network. See how reliable automation of network management is a critical component of your cloud plan.

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