Uplogix Analyst Coverage

Rob Whiteley, Senior Analyst | Forrester Research

“As you rely on the router to carry branch services, you’ll need an out-of-band solution that can help configure, back up, and reboot the device… For more advanced needs, Uplogix takes it one step further with its ARM platform, which provides standardized procedures for OS upgrades and patches, modifying configuration elements, and password updates and recovery — in essence building “best-practices-in-a-box” with scripts that automate branch management tasks.”

Robin Gareiss, Executive Vice President | Nemertes Research

“Uplogix has perhaps the most innovative products for managing branch offices. Not only does it give out-of-band access to equipment at remote locations when the WAN link goes down, is lets IT staffs decide what repairs they can automate. The product runs through diagnostics in minutes to deliver the probable cause of the problem. This eliminates the need for human intervention, and makes it easier for a central staff to manage the remote sites.”

“It’s vital for organizations to adopt technologies that improve performance and reliability, while reducing the time and expense associated with managing remote offices. Uplogix products address these concerns in a single appliance.”

Dennis Drogseth, Vice President of Research | Enterprise Management Associates

“There are innovations in the marketplace that are beginning to pave the way for centralized control in a decentralized world. One of the most striking is Uplogix’ management appliance with its unique mix of out-of-band management, in-band monitoring and configuration control for network devices at the edge.”

“Uplogix delivers the industry’s most complete management capabilities in support of targeted network devices in remote locations. For this increasingly critical requirement, it is the first solution of its kind, and in terms of functionality and price-performance, it occupies a unique position of leadership within the industry.”


Rich Ptak, Senior Analyst | Ptak, Noel & Associates

“As currently implemented, most network management remains a time-intensive, manual operation – riskily dependent upon the very network under management. Uplogix enters the fray with a unique approach to help accelerate the realization of automated network support.”

“Uplogix delivers verifiable savings and immediate benefit as they resolve a current enterprise pain by providing intelligent, automated management at the edge.”

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