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show log rule

show log rule

This command displays results from the rules engine as it evaluates conditions.

Before you can show the rule log, you must enable rule logging with the config log rule command.

Command availability

CLI resource: system, port, modem

Device makes: All

Modem: All

Uplogix system : All

LMS offerings: All


show log rule [-c] [-i <"interface">] [-m <"email">] [-n <#>] [-r <"rule">]

-c - Show only chassis rule events. -i <"interface"> - Show only rule events for a particular interface. -m <"email"> - Email address to send the report. -n <#> - Maximum number of messages to show. -r <"rule"> - Show only rule events for the specified rule.


[admin@UplogixLM (port1/1)]# show log rule -n 25 -r consoleHung



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