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config system management

Interactive command to associate the Uplogix Local Manager with an Uplogix Control Center. The heartbeat uses between 1 and 20 kilobytes for communication. This command additionally sets NTP to use the server's address.

Command availability

CLI resource: system

Uplogix system: All

LMS offerings: All


config system management


[admin@UplogixLM]# config system management
--- Existing  Values ---
Use  Management Server: n
Hostname or IP:
Port: 8443
Heartbeat interval (seconds): 30
Heartbeat band: all
Last successful heartbeat:  (not yet contacted)
Change these? (y/n) [n]: y
--- Enter New Values ---
Use Management Server (y/n/auto) [n]: y
Hostname or IP: []:
Set ntp location to (y/n) [y]:
Port: [8443]:
Heartbeat interval (seconds): [30]:
Heartbeat during: [all]:
Do you want to commit these changes? (y/n): y

Heartbeat during specifies when the Uplogix Local Manager provides a heartbeat, and may be set to inband, outband, or all.

Minimal heartbeat can be configured from the UCC. The setting is displayed as:

Always use minimal heartbeat: true

You will only be prompted for the NTP location if the Local Manager has not been managed by an Uplogix Control Center before.

Note: If the Local Manager has been managed by the Uplogix Control Center at some time in the past, this command will not configure NTP. In this situation, use the config system ntp command to set the Uplogix Control Center as the Local Manager's NTP server.

In the Uplogix web interface

Inventory > group page> Network > Management Server - specific to this inventory group

Inventory > Local Manager page > Network > Mangement Server - specific to this system


3.4 - This command was introduced

4.5 - Minimal Heartbeat option (display only)

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