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config date

config date

Interactive command to set the date and time on the Uplogix Local Manager. Not used with Uplogix Control Center. Local Managers managed by a Uplogix Control Center use the server heartbeat to set the time unless a separate NTP server is configured. If you prefer to use an NTP server to set date and time, use the config system ntp command.

Command availability

CLI resource: system

Uplogix system: All

LMS offerings: All


config date


To maintain accurate timestamps across time zones, use the current UTC time for this setting and rely on the user's time zone setting for offset. If NTP is configured - for example, if the Local Manager is managed by an Uplogix Control Center, the current configuration shows this.

[admin@UplogixLM]# config date
*** NTP is configured. ***
Displayed time is 02/21/2020 18:56:51 GMT
System time is    02/21/2020 18:56:51 UTC
Change these? (y/n) [n]: 


1.3 - The user's time offset is displayed.

3.5 - Command now warns if NTP is configured.

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