Manage the network without using the network

We're turning network management inside out by deploying intelligent monitoring and automation to where network devices are to improve security, performance and availability. It's like having a virtual onsite technician.

With Uplogix, we're there when you need to beUplogix is a network independent management platform that is located with - and directly connected to - managed devices. It can stand alone or augment your existing centralized management tools providing the configuration, performance and security management automation functions that are best performed locally.

The benefits are reduced operational costs, faster resolution when issues arise and improved security and compliance vs. centralized only management.Our enhanced focus on network and communications devices hardens your infrastructure for increasing performance and availability requirements deriving from the use of applications like video conferencing, SaaS and VDI and makes M2M applications economically feasible.

What is Changing

Management Systems have traditionally been centralized, depending on the network to do their jobs, as this was the best approach for dealing with the challenges presented by distributed heterogeneous computing platforms typical of client server architectures.   This never really worked well for the network infrastructure itself and the “state of the art” of network management has barely progressed beyond monitoring and planning.  As a result network operations have long been exceptionally expensive and labor intensive. 

With M2M/IoT pushing more network infrastructure to the edge and cloud computing creating greater strain on the network while increasing its criticality, this must change.  The necessary response is to establish local management nodes to address the most significant vulnerability of the new computing model – network dependence and sensitivity. Any viable management system in the new architecture must have the ability to function independently of the network and bring a strong focus on ensuring network performance and availability via robust and reliable automation.

Centralized vs. localized network management capabilities

A robust management architecture requires both central and local elements.

How is Uplogix Unique?

Uplogix is the first and only Local Management Platform. It is a patented solution designed from day one to combine specialized software and hardware for the local deployment of management functionality while making the most of collocation. Uplogix is unique in the following ways:

Uplogix extends fundamental systems management capabilities to network devices, including:

  • Secure roles based administrative access
  • Consistent administrative interfaces across heterogeneous environments with a wide array of available device specific drivers

Uplogix is completely network independent:

  • Intensively monitors the state of managed devices with no burden placed on the network
  • Enforces administrative access policies and audit whether or not the network is available
  • Takes autonomous action to recover the network when the network goes down
  • Establishes an alternate connection to central management when network outages occur

Uplogix makes automated network configuration and change management (NCCM) feasible by making the process reliable:

  • SurgicalRollback™ ensures that configuration changes that cause problems, including network outages, are immediately and precisely rolled back
  • Provides an array or local restoration options via local storage of OS and configuration files and a built in TFTP/FTP server
  • Complements popular industry NCCM systems

Uplogix Local Managers can do more:

  • Automatically apply an OS and standard configuration to a device that does not yet have one, gather syslog and device data not readily available through other means and issue any device specific command all by grace of console port access
  • Perform reboots and full power cycles by controlling intelligent power strips
  • Gather and take automated action based on environmental and power consumption data
  • Pinpoint user issues by simulating VoIP, html and network transactions from any point on the network with an Uplogix Local Manager to any other point with an Uplogix Local Manager

At the core of Uplogix is our patented OutBand™ Technology Platform that combines:

  • Local direct access to managed devices via the console port giving our Local Managers the ability to collect more detailed data and issue any command an on-site technician could issue
  • A local rules engine with device specific drivers capable of taking autonomous action
  • A local database for storing configuration information, files and rules.
  • The ability to maintain centralized control over the WAN and when the network is unavailable to detect this and establish connectivity through alternate means autonomously