The Uplogix Monthly Newsletter

2017 the year of acquisitions for MSPs?

MSPs, or Managed Service Providers, are seeing a convergence of business conditions that are both expanding market opportunity and making it more difficult not to be—or be partnered with—a major industry player. The growing need across all industries to be digitally connected, the arrival of cloud computing and the required expertise in cybersecurity are slamming into an IT labor force [...]

Protecting against insider threats

When it comes to securing your network against insider threats, security researchers recommend a "mini-max" policy -- minimize access where possible and then maximize monitoring of that access for unusual patterns. The goal is to not provide employees with an open door to the entire network by making access a privilege and not a right. A recent article in CSO [...]

Healthcare network management to grow

The market for healthcare network management software for IT is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6 percent. Organizations are looking to deliver value-based care in part through better IT networks that deliver needed services at lower costs. The IT industry as a whole is experiencing growth in virtualized infrastructure which requires expanded network monitoring and management solutions. Device [...]

AT&T conducts very public SDN test

SDN (software defined networking) has rapidly taken over IT networking news stories. This week was no different as AT&T shared successful results of a test using open source network software on "white box" switches.  What does this mean? Well, it could mean that a power user in the network world doesn't have to deploy name brand network gear like Cisco, [...]



Uplogix helps feed network connectivity and uptime for multinational food products company NOC team | Sugar Foods Corporation has chosen the Uplogix platform to replace legacy console servers for managing their IT network spanning locations across North America.


WAN Traffic Failover elevates expectations for what’s possible with out-of-band technology in latest software release | Uplogix announced today details on the upcoming release of the next version of software.


Uplogix Delivers Virtual Remote Management of Satcoms Systems at Sea | Uplogix announced it has deployed its first virtual Local Management solution onboard maritime vessels with MTN Communications.