Local Management Solutions for Retail

Stores need reliable, secure and increasingly robust network infrastructure that can be supported from the home office with minimal onsite intervention

Typical retail-based networks have been pieced together over time, with new stores implementing newer technology making them complex to manage. Additionally, it’s usually cost-prohibitive to have skilled IT staff on-site at store or branch locations to maintains, troubleshoot and repair network devices and systems.

To compound these challenges, auditing requirements, such as the PCI Data Security Standard require retailers to be prepared for an audit and to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards for protecting both their customers’ data and internal IT infrastructure.

Uplogix simplifies and automates management of networks with hybrid gear and if required, provide secure remote access for troubleshooting from the NOC, further reducing the need for expensive service calls and extended downtime.  In many retail environments a backup network connection is over satellite. Using the integrated rules engine, Uplogix can not only monitor status of the backup network, but also broker the changeover if and when needed.

Maintaining security whether the network is up or down

Uplogix manages server and network device serial port access, applying policy to ensure sessions are properly closed. This helps eliminate the likelihood of inappropriate access.

Authentication, Authorization and Access (AAA) is maintained by Uplogix even when the network is down, removing the potential for unaudited access to managed devices using “break glass” passwords with sweeping privileges. Audit functionality extends to all actions including warning dialogs and responses so it’s possible to know who, did what, and to what affect.