Local Management Solutions for the Financial Industry

Applying local management in both data center and branch offices to ensure security, compliance while maintaining critical uptime

Security and compliance requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI DSS, have put unprecedented demands on IT staff within financial service organizations to ensure complete control and accountability over the IT infrastructure. IT staff needs to control who is accessing the internal network and systems, what users are doing while on it, and be able to accurately report on all user interactions and impacts in order to satisfy security and compliance auditors.

Deploying Uplogix in financial data centers and branch office networks not only brings the core values of lowering OPEX and improving service levels, but also improves security and regulatory compliance. Uplogix extends role-based management policies to network devices.

Maintaining security whether the network is up or down

Uplogix manages server and network device serial port access, applying policy to ensure sessions are properly closed. This helps eliminate the likelihood of inappropriate access. Authentication, Authorization and Access (AAA) is maintained by Uplogix even when the network is down, removing the potential for unaudited access to managed devices using “break glass” passwords with sweeping privileges. Audit functionality extends to all actions including warning dialogs and responses so it’s possible to know who, did what, and to what affect.