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Key Deployments for Local Management

Enterprise Networks

Rein in network ops costs while gearing-up for the Cloud

Enterprise Networks

Tired of expensive truck rolls and skilled technicians repeatedly saddled with mundane and error prone tasks? Need to improve network reliability as cloud computing, virtualization and more centralized applications make the network even more business critical? Concerned about data security breaches via network devices?

Local Management is the answer.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Whether they are geographically isolated or systematically integrated

Need an efficient and reliable way to monitor, maintain, troubleshoot and secure advanced intelligent devices like satcom systems, SCADA networks and cellular M2M devices? Want to make them smarter and more self-sufficient while ensuring you can always access them remotely?

Local Management is the answer.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Differentiate from the competition while lowering support costs

Are you in the business of ensuring high availability and performance for customers with geographically distributed networks and multiple remote locations? Looking for ways to offer new high value services before your competition does? Want to increase margins by decreasing support costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction?

Local Management is the answer.

Recent Headlines

November 13, 2014

Uplogix Local Management Software v5.1 available, expands the scope and speed of out-of-band management | Fifth-generation Uplogix software most powerful yet for secure access and control of remote networking and communications device

November 11, 2014

Uplogix demos for the Australian Military Community | Uplogix attends MilCIS, the Australian military communication and information systems conference in Canberra this week.

Benefits of Local Management

Dramatically reduce OPEX

Stop sending (or paying someone to send) valuable technicians on-site to perform tedious and error-prone support and configuration tasks. Decrease the risks of costly human error with fail-safed automation.

Ensure remote access to equipment, wherever it may be, with advanced secure out of band access.

Improve performance at the edge

Protect the end user experience by monitoring more frequently and thoroughly – with instant automated action when issues occur.

Evaluate network performance from the end user’s perspective, from the end user’s location.

Right there, so you don't need to be

Uplogix Local Management for Networking and Communications infrastructure with OutBand™ Technology featuring management over direct serial connections:

  • 24x7 secure remote access
  • Automates config, change and support tasks
  • Secures and audits administrative access
  • Monitors out-of-band and integrates with centralized management systems

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Sends fewer techs into war zones with Uplogix by effectively troubleshooting issues remotely from their teleport in Killeen, Texas.

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